Saturday, September 5, 2009

Card for 9/5/09 by Tarot PriestEss Silvia Pancaro

Card for 9/4/09:


Deck Creators:
Poppy  Palin

Traditional Tarot Equivalent

6 of Cups
MoonCoach Phase for today:
Waning - Full Moon

MoonCoach Sign for today:

Silvia Pancaro's interpretation and suggestion for the day:
Today... we can connect with our 'Womb' referred to in the traditional deck as the 6 of Cups. In the suit of Water, as we know from The Elements of Alchemy, we work with our emotions. The 'Womb' therefore invites us to connect with that part of us that feels nurtured, sustained and held in the unconditional love of the Great Cosmic Womb. There is a purity to this image, as also in the original 6 of Cups image, which inspires us to return to our innate Innocence, where we felt totally trusting of the Universe's ability to respond to our needs. Here we see a baby, almost ready to be birthed, connected to the Spiral-Umbilical Cord that appears to come from the Earth Herself. 

This Cosmic Child is just in front of the Cave's Opening - perhaps the Earthly Vaginal Opening? Might this be telling us to spend time today connecting with our pre-birth memories? Might the focus for us be to simply return to a time when we floated in the Amniotic Waters of the Great Mother, pre-dating our current personality's life? 

There is a richness to the very soil in this Womb, as depicted by the little crawling creatures, which help to create the fertile ground within which we may develop to fullness. Caves are sacred to the Goddess-to the Great Mother, and so it is that in connecting with our Innate Innocence, we may re-establish a direct line of contact with the nurturing and life-supporting aspects of the Universe.

Just beyond the Cave, we see bright green grass, and the Sun rising. This would be again a reference to Imminent Birth, and connecting us to the Soul-ar/Solar aspect of our own Divinity. First we develop as a Divine Seedling in The Great Mother's Womb, and then we are birthed into our current reality as a Cosmic Child, radiating the Light & Brilliance of the Sun. To me, this brings to mind that we are always at option regarding whether to Live and Experience our Reality, from our Vibrational Core Essence, or live out of balance and off Center.

Considering the original 6 of cups as well, I would add that we may benefit from watching Children today. They are our Teachers and can show us the way back Home...back to our own Innocence. Allow them to share their Re-member-ed Wisdom with you. They hold the Golden Cups of Unconditional TRUST, so it is also our duty to help them to keep that beautiful quality intact.

The Moon is now in her Waning Semi-Cycle, although we technically can still work with her Full Phase. She is still in Pisces, the Zodiacal Sign I call the Great Cosmic Dreamer - the One who through having walked in every other Sign's shoes, holds Compassion for the tribulations and joys of each one's experience. So, the Moon is traveling in the 12th and final in the Zodiacal sequence, and therefore is at a completion...and the Full Moon in a manner of speaking is also the completion (that of the Waxing cycle), or the CULMINATION, of all that we have focused on for the past 2 weeks since beginning the current Lunar Month in Leo. Have you seen the results of all your efforts? If not, you may still acknowledge and celebrate what you have accomplished thus far...even if it doesn't quite match your original 'picture.'

Combining this card with today's lunar phase and sign, I would add that we may feel very 'watery' today - and that is ok. It's good to feel our emotions - we often stuff our not-so-great feelings, and we also forget to celebrate the really wonderful emotions! So, give yourself permission to enter into your Watery Depths - and speak to The Great Mother...let her know all your emotions (S/He knows anyways), and process within the safety of her Unconditional Love. Additionally, I feel that the 12 Sign plus its correlating 12th house, is the Ultimate Cosmic Womb - the Return Home, to where we can melt all our  personality stuff, and just float in Deep Space...before having to make our way 'out' into the World again (in Aries, the 1st sign which begins the Zodiacal Sequence anew). 

So, spend some time today, just BEING - just FLOATING - in the COSMIC WOMB - in the PISCES realm of Dreams, Hope, Communion with Spirit, and Total Surrender.

Divinatory Meaning from Stories of the Wild Spirit book:
"I am the potentiality of new being, floating serene and held by the Earth herself, deep underground in the well of creation. I am part of the process, the procession of life that takes us from womb to tomb, through living to being, suspended in time, waiting for rebirth. I am the child of the Cycles of Life. I know my other Self, the Death Crone, and I embrace the stages of my Being with love. Each time the pattern is repeated, there is fresh hope, new joy, emotional resurgence, and spiritual renewal. I am the one who reveals the rhythms to you - my heartbeat pulsing int the amniotic fluids of the Earth, my life force restored to a throb of energy, felt vibrating through the land, making waves on the water. I am Divine Repetition, and endless rippling effect. Feel me in the menstrual cycle and in the accompanying moon-phases."

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Silvia's interpretation:
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