Sunday, September 6, 2009

Prince of Wands: 9/6/09 by Tarot PriestEss Silvia Pancaro

Card for 9/6/09:
Prince of wands


Deck Creators:
Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Will Worthington

Traditional Tarot Equivalent:

The Knight of Wands

MoonCoach Phase for today:
Waning Full Moon

MoonCoach Sign for today:

Silvia Pancaro's interpretation and suggestion for the day:
Today we can connect with our Inner 'Prince of Wands' referred to in the traditional deck as the Knight of Wands. In the suit of Fire, as we know from The Elements of Alchemy, we work with creativity, passion and the Spark of Divine Inspiration. Just as a couple of days ago when we received the The 'Server (Page) of Wands' we are invited again to 'play with Fire." The Prince continues to carry the Torch forward, having had it handed off to him by the Server of Fire (Page of Wands). However, with this card, we are asked to be more direct and action-oriented in our approach to expressing creativity, passion and vital life force energy. The Prince (or Knight) of Wands (Fire) is really about getting a move on forward with our goals and intentions. Today we may find that we have an extra boost of energy to 'take charge' and move forward. Our Prince is seeing here galloping freely over green hills, Staff in hand, riding his brave steed, under bright blue skies, towards some desired destination.

Where do you want to go today? Is there any project you want to start? Do you have an idea that has been itching for expression? Call in your Inner Prince of Wands as an Ally today and get a move on!!

Additionally, with the Moon in Aries, we may consider this to be auspiciously aligned with the Element of Fire, since Aries is the first of the Fire Signs (really the first sign in the entire Zodiacal Wheel). So, even if the Moon is technically in her Waning (diminishing of Light) half, since we are still within the window of the Full Moon energy, we can capitalize on the energy of illumination She is giving us. It may not be the wild enthusiastic energy of a Waxing (growing in Light) Aries Moon, so I would say that perhaps if there is something you want to work with, it could be an idea or project or desire that you may have started awhile back, and there's enough energy today to get it re-invigorated

And that 'project' could be YOU! Go for a jog this morning! Or some other physical activity that will run new vital energy through your body. Or it could simply be a matter of reading something exciting that inspires you enough to set new goals for yourself (remember to start them at the next New Moon, as outlined in my Moon Coaching Program!). In any case, there's a fiery glow about today between this card and the Aries Moon, that we would do well to align with! Carpe Diem!!!

Divinatory Meaning from The Druidcraft Tarot book:
"The Prince Cards keywords are:  Action, impulse to serve, journeys. The Princes (sometimes called Knights in other decks) symbolize movement, action and the dawning development of responsibility to others - a social conscious...When indicating people, they may represent adolescents or young adults. The Princes are all seated on horses to signify that they stand for movement and action in the world.

The Prince of Wands is full of enthusiasm and energy. He loves to initiate projects and to have ideas, but he has trouble completing them - his eagerness is greater than his commitment to seeing things through....his social conscience may spur him to act the revolutionary or rebel..."

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Silvia's interpretation:
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The Druidcraft Tarot card image and divinatory meaning:
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