Wednesday, September 9, 2009

THE CREATOR/EMPEROR: 9/9/09 by Tarot Priestess Silvia Pancaro

Card for 9/9/09:

Celestial Messages of Light

Deck Creators:
H. Alan Roe (with Delia Moreno)

Traditional Tarot Equivalent:

The Emperor

MoonCoach Phase for today:
Disseminating Moon

MoonCoach Sign for today:

Silvia Pancaro's interpretation and suggestion for the day:
Today we can connect with our Inner 'CREATOR' Major Arcana card #4, and in the traditional deck is called The Emperor. Whenever we pull a Major Arcana card, we must pay special attention, as it is an important Portal into deeper self-revelation. So, today, we are invited to really feel tap directly into our Creational Power. As Masters of our own personal Universe, we can literally change the landscape of our physical reality, by rearranging the molecules of creation within our Reality.It all starts with a well-defined spiritual blueprint, one that is truly in alignment with our Highest Potentialities. In this unique and Christ Consciousness based deck, we see a Master of Light floating above the Earth, sending Light through Spirals of Creation, from His own Heart Center. Above and behind him, we see aspects of Sacred Geometry, symbolizing that there is a Higher Order to the way we create our Lives on Earth. When we are truly CENTERED in our VIBRATIONAL CORE ESSENCE (our HEART and our astrological SUN), we are truly IN LOVE, and from that Core of Love, we are able to consciously flow the Creational Energy into Form, Structure and Manifest Reality.

In the traditional Tarot, we normally see a Great Emperor or King, sitting upon his Throne (places upon a CUBE), overseeing his vast empire - the results of all the efforts of Imagination, Inspiration and Creation (from the corresponding cards of The Magician, The High Priestess, and The Empress). We see the aspect of the Divine Masculine, as a strong and benevolent Leader who truly considers the good of all the inhabitants of his Domain/Empire, as opposed to the Patriarchal version of the Masculine expressing as power hungry and driven by greed, using force to enforce his own ego-centered objectives. The New Masculine is such as is pictured in this card: the model of a Heart-Centered Being who takes into consideration the good of the entire realm we ALL inhabit, and works as a Vessel for the Divine Energy of the Entire Cosmos.

So, today, we are asked to consider how we may have been using our personal power to CREATE our reality. Are you Heart-centered, or are ego-Centered when you create your and OUR reality? Are you tapping into the Universal Blueprint, which considers the good of the entire Earth and Cosmos, or are you selflishy working on manifesting what satisfies only you? There is nothing wrong about catering to the Self, don't get me wrong...but the difference is to anchor your CORE SELF into the COSMIC CORE, so that you become a Vessel for Light. Let us move our focus on manifesting those tools, objects, buildings, goods, and whole societies, that inspire each and All to VIBRATIONAL CORE ALIGNMENT. We really can build a New Earth - but even the most 'spiritual' of people can fall prey to their own illusions...all that glitters in the New Age is NOT of Go(l)d...remember, Freedom of Diversity is THE lesson of the New Aquarian Age. Lest we become a new version of the same old Patriarchy, do not push your personal version of spirituality onto another.

There are many things we are having to look at as we 'build' a New Earth. Many of these include very touchy subjects, not the least of which concern our lower chakras: money and sex! There are those within the spiritual circles I move that believe $$$ should be abolished. And that we should all move into polyamory as a relationship standard. I don't want those agendas pushed onto me. Nor will I push my 'version' of what is good and right for me, onto others. I happen to be moving into a relationship of deep mutual respect with both the energy of money, and the energy of sexuality and of love

Let's not throw away the baby with the bathwater when we choose what new forms of financial and sexual expression to bring from the Old Earth into the New Earth. Earth, no matter what, will continue to be a beautiful school and a vast playground for experimenting with our Creational Power, so let's not start limiting each other already. As long as everything we do with our Creations (including sex and money) is mindful, respectful and honoring of others, then let me continue to play with the paper bills that are a physical manifestation of the energy of matter; and I will also continue to  be in a loving and respectful monogamous relationship with my Beloved. I will love others in their own need to sexualize absolutely every loving relationship. But if you choose to do that, I honor your Truth. Just remember, to honor mine.

I raise the above points because we really are all manifesting faster and faster, as a result of the collapsing of Time as we have known it...moving into a Sacred Space of Creation where we must question all our motives, before we take the steps to manifest them in the physical realm. The Emperor is all about MANIFESTATION (the results of CREATION), so please ask yourself what you want to manifest and WHY? 

Also to consider is the idea of FATHERHOOD. Where as the previous Major Arcana card in sequence is THE EMPRESS, who symbolizes MOTHERHOOD and the DIVINE FEMININE, this one as THE EMPEROR really is about the IDEAL role of what it means to be a Father - a Leader...and what that means to a Tribe or Community or Nation or Planet. This is also a worthy subject to discuss today!

The Moon is still in disseminating phase and also still in Taurus, so speaking to others about matter, money, and all things of the Earthly realm, are well timed. Maybe in community today (could be just you and your Beloved, you and your dog or kitty, you and your whole get the idea), you can broach this subject and ponder upon BUILDING. Taurus is the first of the Earth signs (then comes Virgo and Capricorn), so the energy is about building things of VALUE, and considering what the COSTS are (and not just the monetary costs). This will get the ball rolling to some pretty good discussions on politics, society, education, spirituality, etc. Remember though, to EN-JOY the process!

Divinatory Meaning from the Celestial Messages of Light book:
"The highest form of love to be expressed is needed now. It is the Christ Consciousness that flows within the spiritual fabric of all creation. In leadership, one must be fair and just, striving for the good in all. This card holds position, leadership and power and with these positions comes responsibility. The small, still voice that guides and warns us so that we can choose right from wrong. One must always ask for the very highest and best for your spiritual growth. REVERSED: Misuse of authority and power through your immaturity and insecurity. One must be able to see before they can guide. Only through experiences in life we gain the wisdom to lead."

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