Monday, September 7, 2009

7 of Coins: 9/7/09 by Tarot Priestess Silvia Pancaro

Card for 9/7/09:
7 of Coins


Deck Creators:
Mario Garizio & Patrizia D'Agostino

Traditional Tarot Equivalent:

7 of Pentacles

MoonCoach Phase for today:
Waning Full Moon

MoonCoach Sign for today:

Silvia Pancaro's interpretation and suggestion for the day:
Today we can connect with our Inner '7 of Coins' referred to in the traditional deck as the 7 of Pentacles. In the suit of Earth, as we know from The Elements of Alchemy, we deal with the physical and tangible, living with patience, dedication and respect for the Earth. Today's card is an inviation to look at what we 'do' for a living - about our jobs, our activities having to do with sustenance. Interestingly, today is Labor Day, and many folks have the day off, as do the kids from school. If you are one of those folks, have a safe and fun day...and remember that there are countless others who do not get to take the day off, and without them, our World would come to a screeching halt! 

The men in this image appear to be indiginous - what comes to mind for me is how dependent we are on others from different cultures, for the harmonious continuation of our 'daily reality.' I am originally from Los Angeles, where we had a large Mexican population, and many of them worked very hard, and often times under very harsh situations. An excellent film to watch in order to understand this odd dynamic and the pains that others have to go through in order for 'us' to have our American Lifestyle, is FAST FOOD NATION.  By the end of the movie, your heart will be wide open with compassion for other cultures living in our country. 

My point is that we often forget to realize that there is a special connection between working the land, and tilling the earth, in order to coax Her to give to us of Her abundance, which in our current lifestyle, we totally miss! We live in high condos on the beach or over-priced flats in the city, or tree-less developments in the suburbs, thinking that 'this is it.' What we don't realize is how much of our connection to the Seasons, to Naural Cycles, to the beautiful rhythms of the Turning of the Wheel, and to the very underappreciated relationship we have between 'us' and Mother Nature. 

When we don't grow our own food, tend to our own gardens, and notice the seasons' effects on our own growth and evolution, we miss an important apsect of Living on Earth. When we view these very natural tasks as something menial and 'beneath us' and give the jobs over to those we see as 'inferior' to oursevles, we are cheating ourselves of something precious, as well as dis-honoring the Dignity of those people we have charged with picking lettuce, and cleaning our homes. We are truly a Nation and a People out of Balance with the Great Mystery of Life. 

Celebrate Labor Day? Sure. But ask yourself how the meat on your grill got there? Ask yourself how the lettuce in the salad managed to arrive into your refrigerator? And then, PLEASE take a moment to APPRECIATE the very 'hard, menial and thankless' LABOR  of those people (from the lettuce pickers to the truckers) who never get a day off for their work. Theirs is SACRED WORK, too. It isn't just about corporate 'New Agers' tend to think that only what we do to bring out about the New Earth is Sacred Work....but I propose to consider what these people do, which brings food to our tables in order to feed our children, as Sacred Work , too. No, not glamorous and apparently not 'spiritual' but certainly something we, with our current set of collectve judgements, are incapable of doing for ourselves. 

Yes, I know that many of us are also more open, more compasssionate, and DO appreciate these 'behind the scenes' laboring, and to you, I say, thank  you. May you too, spend a moment in deep appreciation for all those who Labor to make our lives more comfortable. Be it farmer, warrior, healer, maid, gardener, bank teller, candlemaker, underwear seamstress, cashiier, author, astrologer, book binder, trucker, musican...all of what we 'do' for a living is important...honor the least amongst us as if their Labor mattered most. Actually, it does.

I guess this one hit a nerve. My parents are immigrants into the USA, from Argentina. My grandparents were immigrants into Argentina from Spain and from Italy. (My Italian Grandfather grew his own produce and sold it on a little carwheel on the streets of Buenos Aries. My Spaniard Grandparents took care of their own livestock and produce, serving it in their own restaurant, in Northern Argentina). I have a feeling that further back in my lineage, we were Gypsies, migrating from place to place. My Soul Knowing speaks of going back to Nature, and re-learning the Ways of the re-member how the Old Ones all partook of the Cycle of Life, together. The American Dream is a far cry from the balanced and peaceful Lifestyle that our Ancestors lived through...honoring the animals of the hunt, as well as being at-tuned with both the Earth and the Celestial Cycles. May it be as we dream forward now, for the Good of All cultures and People, honoring each other and the Greater Mysteries, in Love and only Love.

Oh, almost forgot: The Moon is still in Aries, and she is waning moving towards Disseminating (tomorrow). Be grateful to those Braves, Pioneers, Fire-bringers of the Past...and to those in our Time who have the Arian Courage to do what others fear to do. I guess since we are doing Labor Day, we can Fire up the grill and take a moment of gratitude, for the work we do ourselves, for what gifts we bring to the World in order to bring her into greater Balance and Harmony.

Divinatory Meaning from The Tarot Of The Ages book:
"Ingenuity, growth, handiwork, progress, successful dealings, money, wealth, treasure, gain. Despair overwhelms you. Life gives - life takes away. Your work was hard, but it is follishe to strike stones with a pickax. Direct your efforts to more fruitful enterprises, and the negative effects of your actions will fall away."

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This is awesome! Definitely a new part of my daily spiritual practice. Thanks!